Ameco builds sustainable refrigeration plant

Ameco has begun construction of a new refrigeration plant. The facility will be built adjacent to the existing buildings and will be shell for the existing building, after which connection to the existing building and installation of facilities can take place.

This approach does not disrupt the work process, moving the shell is done in a weekend. The new refrigeration system was designed with sustainability and innovation in mind.

Update: week 5

Work began this week to install foundation piles directly adjacent to Ameco’s continuing production site. Screw piles, which are silently driven into the ground, are used to lay the foundation for the new installation. This innovative approach minimizes vibration, causing minimal inconvenience and not interrupting Ameco’s work process.

Update: week 7

Builders have started assembling the steel structure on the temporary columns. This involves laying the second floor’s hollow-core slab floors. In the coming week, the steel structure will continue to take to the air and the second and third floors will be laid. At the final location, the final phase of the foundation was poured. This is a concrete slab 60cm and partially one meter thick with 55 cubic meters of concrete. On those anchors the structure will later be set.

Update: week 8

This week, the second and third floors of the new refrigeration plant were built.

Update: week 9

In the past week, the facade was set and assembled, the roof panels were laid and the final floors were poured. The final touches are currently being made to the structural frames, in which aluminum window frames will be installed.

At the end of this month, the structure will be driven on top of our barn after which we can actually use the space!

Update: week 11

The roof is nearly completed while the roofing is being installed. Simultaneously, builders began placing reinforcement for the floor. Having completed the installation of the panels, they are now in the process of installing the fire-resistant paneling.

Update: week 12

The columns have been placed in their final locations, the floor has been poured and the roofing has been completed, including all installed slabs.

Completion of the fire-resistant paneling is currently underway, while at the same time the final interior walls and stairs are being installed.

Update: week 13

In preparation for tomorrow night’s mammoth move, the mammoth trucks have been brought into position and the construction site is being prepared for the drive from the construction site to the company building.

Update: week 17

After the mammoth move, the inside of the addition will be completed.

Update: week 14

The attachment for the refrigeration plant was moved by Mammoet SPMTs on Friday evening, March 29. The move went smoothly and the hazard drove to its final location quite quickly.

By doing the move on Friday night, work could be done on Saturday to connect the addition to the existing building.

On Tuesday morning, the site was ready for the daily logistics process around Ameco.

Update: week 17

After the mammoth move, the inside of the addition will be completed.

Update: week 23 – Tuesday

After the successful relocation of our addition, we have been busy on the inside. This week was a milestone: through a special hole in the roof, more than 30 crucial components were welded in! Consider heat exchangers, heat pumps and compressors.

These steps will soon allow us to work more efficiently and sustainably!

Update: week 23 – Wednesday

Where on Tuesday they were working on the parts for in the addition, Wednesday was dedicated to steel work for on top of the roof, think construction, piping and fans.

Hoisting was again at the end of the day yesterday so Ameco’s work could continue uninterrupted.


  • Use of heat from cooling for the heat exchanger, reusing energy and eliminating the use of gas.
  • Expansion of refrigeration plant and processing of by-products, leading to 100% value retention.
  • Faster cooling, resulting in better product shelf life and improved product care.
  • Shorter cleaning cycle due to more efficient design, leading to fewer operations and less soiled areas.
  • Saving water and extending the shelf life of products, resulting in more sales time and less waste for the customer.
  • Improved animal welfare through a stress-free covered entrance for the animals, without nuisance of extreme sun, and noises.
  • The method of construction, self-supporting, avoids the need to place pillars in the barn so that the layout of the barn remains according to the principles of Temple Grandin.
  • Ameco’s new refrigeration system is an example of integrated innovation and offers significant benefits in terms of sustainability, efficiency and animal welfare.
Ameco’s new refrigeration system is an example of integrated innovation.

Our construction partners

Subcontractors: Vermeulen, B-Smart, Van den Hul, VBI, K.I.M. Hiber, Aluvo, Pauw, Loading Systems, Abema, Mammoet, Kamildak

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